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The pills were not difficult to give to my dog at all, and they seemed to clear the problem up within the week. This treatment was effective, but at nearly $80 for four pills, this is not a treatment I want to have to administer on a regular basis.    

The vet was able to quickly confirm that my dog had tapeworms through a fecal exam. He prescribed Drontal Plus (68 mg) for my large dog. I had to administer 2 pills, wait for a week, and administer a second dose of two pills.     

I'd had Manatee for less than two weeks when I made a horrifying discovery: something was alive in her poop. I thought my dog had been given a full-spectrum dewormer at the Humane Society, but that dewormer was not effective against tapeworms. What I was actually seeing were segments of the tapeworms shedding through her bowel movements to foster the next generation of parasites. Yuck.     

When I first saw Manatee at the shelter, I knew she was the dog for me. Unlike the other dogs, she seemed quiet and shy. When my husband and I took her out for the meet and greet she shivered. She's had a rough life. Her paperwork officially reads "Shar-pei mix" but she's believed to be a Boxer/ Shar-Pei, which has become an increasingly popular pairing in Hawaii. People often confuse her for a Pittbull.