If You Must

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(Photo by Bill Waller)

If you are an experienced frog keeper, you can probably handle a cane toad. But...why would you want to?

Additionally, they are extremely toxic (do not lick these toads!) and may carry internal parasites.

In your home, however...get ready for quite the setup. To begin with, these toads are HUGE, easily growing to the size of a small dinner plate, and yes their excrement is proportional in both size and odor. They do have temperature and humidity requirements, like all herpetofauna, and while they generally eat with gusto, they benefit from a wide variety of foods including crickets, larva, cockroaches, and even small rodents (which they may not take pre-killed).

Cane toads are interesting animals. In a world where amphibians are extremely threatened, cane toads are an invasive species. They're too toxic to eat, and THEY eat just about anything, from insects to small birds, mammals, and other amphibians. In a sufficiently warm climate, these animals thrive.