My favorite bottom dwelling fish!

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Quick note though, a couple times I thought they were dead because they were lying on their side and looked limp. Apparently this is normal because when I went in with the net and nudged them they swam off like nothing happened. :)

These seem to be really healthy fish as I never really had problems with them and had them for many years. I'd recommend them for beginners and starter tanks as they are mellow and get along well with other fish, not to mention how cute they are!

Feeding was super easy as they seem to eat whatever is in the tank. They do love frozen worms though, so I would recommend getting some of those. I also noticed that my snails started disappearing after a while and came to the realization that they actually eat them, so I would need to refresh the snails from time to time. If you love your snails, this is not the fish for you!

I had no problems with them attacking other fish, so I assume they are pretty mellow fish (even during feeding time). They got along really well with my Tiger Barbs, which surprised me because the Tiger Barbs didn't seem to mind them even though they were kind of aggressive towards my other fish. Go figure.

I love clown loaches. The beautiful black and orange stripes added a bright pop of color to my tank. They are fairly active day fish, so I got to see them quite a bit even though they liked to hide in the little cave I placed in the tank for them.