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Sugar: The Deerhunter


United States

Posted August 18, 2014

When I got Sugar I gave her to my X, who was taking our break up in an odd way. He was coming to my house opening my front door and taking my pit bull, Buddy. I decided this man needed his own dog. Bad idea. But, awesome dog.

I did see that even though he loved Sugar that he was not a dog person. She lacked some basic training that she should have had and I noticed that my X couldn't get off the internet. So, I brought her home with me.

I knew that she was going to be big and that I needed to get her into the routine of walking several times a day. I leashed up Sugar and Buddy with pinch collars (so that I wouldn't be victimized by the efforts of chasing squirrels) and whipped her into shape.

The first time that Sugar ever saw a water sprinkler she froze and lit up her face and ears like she saw the Easter bunny in real life. We stopped in the middle of the street about half a block away from a neighbors yard where the sprinklers shot streams of water high up into the sky. About two full seconds Sugar broke from standing still to a full run. She broke bolted so fast the leash pulled all the way out of my hand.

Sugar was attacking the water sprinkler! She bit into the water stream as it rotated all over the lawn. Jumping really high into the air biting and biting. She ended her torment by the water sprinkler by pulling up the head out of the ground and stood there with it in her mouth. The owner of the house had been watching her and he was laughing so hard. I was embarrassed that my dog did that and begged him to let me pay for any damages but he wouldn't hear of it.

Funny: It's easy to bathe Sugar in the yard cause she loves the water hose but Dear Sweet Jesus don't let a drop of rain fall out of the sky!

This American Bulldog is a very deep thinker. Being a bigger dog she can do some really interesting things. One of which is throwing her human adult sized bean bag chair bed into the air and watching it hit the ground. She loves that!
If the water bowl is empty she will bring it to me and hit me in the leg with it until I take it from her.

When hurricane Ike came through Texas my mom came over and brought in a bad of dirt from outside (my mom wanted to save the dirt from the hurricane, sweet eh?) and Sugar found it and slung that bag of dirt into the air over and over. When I came home I had a dog with about a $40 bag of potting soil all over my carpet with no electricity to run a vacuum.
She loves to lay on her back (120 pounds mind you) and with her feet in the air rocks herself from one side to the other. When she gets rolled over to one side she pushes off with her foot to rock herself to the other side, and when she gets rolled over to the other side she pushes off with that other foot and keeps going and going and going.

One day I was out walking Buddy and Sugar when about six adult doe's walked across the street. This is a common thing to happen in my area as I live in a tiny wooded peninsula on a lake in Texas. There is one road in and out.

Again, when Sugar saw the deer she bolted and the leash jerked out of my hand. Sugar galloped behind the deer and ran them into a wooded over section of our neighborhood where there's some houses so the deer had to double back cross the street again. So there's Sugar keeping her close second chasing six huge and probably pregnant does around the woods. The chasing back and forth continues until finally she comes across the street one more time with her tongue out and head hanging. She saw me and came to me.

Since this American Bulldog is so big, she would have not only big babies but she would have about 30 of them. She has 22 nipples! (OMG) So I had her fixed pretty much right away. I never felt the need to have her breed.

She has really short fine hair which has been really good for my dog allergies. She hardly sheds and is super soft with a velvet nose.

Despite her nature to be a Claimity Jane she does mind. She is obediance trianed with a spray bottle that had about 1/3 of Listerine added to it for effect.
She doesn't know that it won't hurt her but she only knows that she doesn't like it and now when she starts acting like a bully all I do is make a "chee chee" sound holding out my hand like I'm squirting a bottle of water and Listerine and she sits.

This one particular dog is a heavy eater. I can't leave food out for her to snack on here and there. She eats until it's all gone. So I divide up her portion between AM and PM. Both big dogs get their own and Buddy knows if he doesn't eat his food that Sugar will.

Sugar loves Buddy very much too. She will often sit on top of him when he's laying down. In one of my pictures Buddy is sitting in the big chair and Sugar is actually laying on top of him. Before I took this picture Buddy was struggling to breathe but he wouldn't give up his spot in the chair.

My other names for Buddy and Sugar are Thing 1 and Thing 2. Mutt & Jeff and Starsky and Hutch.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my bully breed dogs!

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