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The basics:
The American Bullnese is a crossbreed between the French Bulldog, the Pekingese, and three other undisclosed breeds. According to the American Bullnese Association, Robert Rice of Jacksonville, Florida created the breed in 1989, choosing dogs for breeding that exhibited the traits he most desired including confidence, and outgoing and happy temperaments. The stated design is to create an attractive house pet, and this big-eyed emerging breed can certainly command attention.

Appearance / health:
With a family history including the French Bulldog and Pekingese breeds, the dog is short in stature, but strong and long in the body. The general appearance should be of a bold and courageous dog.

Breed standards include a large square head with a defined stop which creates a groove between the eyes. Cheeks are well developed and the thick flews hang over the lower jaw; the neck is thick as is the body in front with a deep and full chest. Ears are soft, and folded over; erect ears are considered a breed disqualification. The forelegs are short and strong with a slight bowing; hind legs are firm and strong as well. Dogs with legs that are too long are not considered to be within breed standard. Finally, the breed standard dictates that the tail should have a slight curl, not a strong defined one more like a “corkscrew”.

The shorter coat makes grooming an easier task, lending itself to simple brushing to care for its skin and coat. The more often you brush, the less often you will need to bathe your Bullnese.

Certain of the breed’s specific characteristics require special care. the folds around the eyes need to be cleaned regularly, because if not they may start to take on a rather unpleasant odor. As long as ears are kept clean they should not be an issue. A Q-tip or cotton ball is recommended to gently clean out the ears as long as they are already relatively healthy. If not, it’s best to have the pets ears checked by your veterinarian instead. As with most pets, their nails need to be trimmed and their teeth cared for at regular intervals.

The breed has minimal exercise needs, but even though they aren’t high, if not met the dog may not stay as healthy as if regularly exercised. Short daily walks are recommended.

Among the most commonly seen health issues with this breed are: umbilical hernias, corneal ulceration, pinched nostrils (also known as stenotic nares), and intervertebral disk disease. Their shortened muzzle also means they can be sensitive to hot weather, and should be cared for appropriately if living in hotter climates.

Behavior / temperament:
The American Bullnese personality is a combination of regal dignity and self-importance, accompanied with a goofy, clownish side. The American Bullnese is generally an alert dog. It may think it is larger and braver than its size warrants.

The American Bullnese possesses a unique, happy temperament. It enjoys playing and entertaining its family, as well as cuddling and snoozing with its favorite person. It is amiable, sweet, and a good companion.

Gentle consistent training is recommended for the breed. They have been known to be difficult to house break.

It is generally a quiet breed.

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My bullnese attitude is very calm, and always wants to please. He is a lap dog,  who enjoys being petted but does not demand it. He does have moments where he gets energy spurts and wants to play, but there not often or overwhelming. Training has not been difficult, in fact he...

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