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Other name(s): Native American Indian Dog; AID; AIDog: NAID; Native American Dog

The basics:
The American Indian Dog is a large, controversial breed that may date back 12,000 years or more to the original dogs who entered North America with human settlers from Asia over the ancient Bering Strait land bridge. There's little doubt that Native Americans used large working dogs for a number of purposes, including pulling travois, hunting, tracking, and herding. However, there is some question about whether today's AIDog is actually a genuine descendant of these dogs or a modern re-creation of the breed. Without taking sides on the issue, we will point out that the AIDog is a large, intelligent working animal that benefits from early socialization and interesting work to do.

They do have some primitive behaviors and can be strong-willed. Know how to be a kind, consistent alpha who can manage a large breed with confidence. They can look very much like a wolfdog, and they are said to have some coyote in their heritage. Don't expect this animal to be happy left sitting alone in an apartment for long hours out of the day.

The American Indian Dog shares many similarities with other "pariah" breeds such as the Carolina Dog, and it is not yet clear whether they are actually different breeds.

Appearance / health:
The American Indian Dogs are lightly built dogs with long pricked ears. The muzzle is long and wedge-shaped. The skull is slightly dome-shaped. Their bushy tails curve downwards.

American Indian Dogs are low shedders. Shedding occurs once a year. Brushing is done to remove any unwanted hair. These dogs are easy to maintain and keep themselves clean with very minimum doggy odor.

The AIDog Club considers the breed to be hypoallergenic, as the club has not yet found anyone with dog allergies who is affected by AIDogs.

They require moderate amounts of exercise in the form of a long walk or a jog. Giving them a job is most important.

They can get the normal canine diseases, and the common canine preventive shots are considered wise. No inherited genetic, breed-specific health issues have yet been identified. Perhaps the biggest health risk for the breed is becoming overweight. Feed lots of natural quality protein fruit and vegetables --- NO donuts or candy. The very worst thing you could do to an AIDog is allow it to become overweight with unhealthy modern fatty foods. Their primitive liver can not handle indigestible modern human foods.

Behavior / temperament:
American Indian Dogs are primitive in nature, however with the right training and socializing they can have very loyal personalities. Their working versatility makes them good companion, sport and service dogs. They are not aggressive but may be suspicious of strangers in general, until they know the person. As with most dogs, it’s important to match the individual dog’s personality with the owner’s lifestyle and training ability.

These dogs may require a lot of early training to allow them to fit in with modern lifestyles. Giving them responsible jobs can help them to feel they are an important part of the family. These dogs are fast learners and need the calm assertive training that a smart breed requires. They mature very fast and have lots of training potential as pups, but slow way down and aren’t fully mature until at least 1 1/2 years. Early, correct training is necessary in this smart breed.

They are average barkers, again depending on training.

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A great dog, but not for the inexperienced!

Our one-year-old AID has been nothing but fun so far, and a character, too. She is smart and alert and very trainable, but we have to stay one step ahead of her and change things up to keep her from getting bored. She needs constant discipline and a firm hand, but she rewards ...

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