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The Misunderstood Pit


Arizona, United States

Posted October 8, 2014

The American Staffordshire Terrier breed is well known for resembling a pit bull. Their stocky build and square head are misunderstood and lumped into the pit bull categorization. However, the Amstaff is a wonderful pet. They are an extremely loyal, loving, friendly and courageous breed. Like any animal their treatment can result in a negative outcome.
Our Amstaff was a black and white tuxedo colored male, short haired, and we chose not to dock his tail. He was extremely mellow, wonderful around my nieces and nephews when they were small children, but the "meter reader" man definitely had to beware when entering the back yard. Our Amstaff would protect his yard and family and did not take kindly to unwanted strangers in the yard. If you came through the front door and were permitted in the house in a traditional fashion, he would love on you like family. If you hopped the fence and were not suppose to, he let you know.
He was not an Alpha, however he did exude an alpha status to my mothers dog by getting into a scuffle. Unfortunately, since he is much larger he did inflict harm by crushing her jaw, the dog was a poodle. But that was once in the short time we owned him. Overall, a loving, wonderful, well mannered dog.

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