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Other name(s): Aspin; Philippine Native Dog; Aspin Philippine Native Dog; Pinoy dog; Asong Pinoy

The basics:
The Askal is a mixed-breed street dog common in the Philippines-- indeed, the name "askal" means "street dog" in Tagalog. The alternate name, Aspin, simply means "Filipino dog," and some activists have worked to encourage the use of this less perjorative name. Whatever you call it, the dog is a mixed bag of genetic traits.

Some locals look down on Askals, but it's worth noting that a properly socialized Aspin can be as friendly and intellligent as any other dog. Unfortunately, an older feral may prove difficult to rescue or retrain. Know the dog before you decide to take it home, especially if it's older.

Appearance / health:
Philippine Native Dogs are generally medium-sized dogs with a wiry frame, long thin legs and a body longer than its tail. The coat is short and dense that can be of any colour or pattern. They have great, evenly spaced and complete set of teeth and a long, pointy muzzle.

They’re not often thought of as popular house pets and are often discriminated against, in comparison to purebred and designer breed dogs. But these hardy and resilient dogs are more street-smart than its purebred counterparts. They make great hunting, guard and companion dogs, thanks to their agility and alertness.

Aspins are low-maintenance dogs which do not require much grooming or brushing. Baths can be limited to once every week, accompanied by inspection for any flea and tick infestation. They also tend to shed rarely.

While they’re highly energetic and active, they don’t require much exercise. Regular walks will do.

One of the greatest things about aspins is that they are low-maintenance dogs with little to no health issues. They’re hardy and resilient dogs which could survive in both the rural and urban settings.

Behavior / temperament:
Philippine Native Dogs are alert, intelligent and independent dogs. They’re often aloof to strangers, but very warm and affectionate towards his or her human family members.

Aspins are smart dogs and are very easy to train.

Aspins are not compulsive barkers.

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The Dog That Followed My Mom Home

We didn't really plan to have a dog; our house was already as messy as it was. But one morning, when my mom went out to go to the bakery down the block, a stray puppy followed her home, even made his own merry way into our house. He was a total dirtball plagued with fleas but ...

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