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Other name(s): Aussie Bulldog

The basics:
The Australian Bulldog is a new dog breed which was developed in Australia in the 1990s. The goal was to create a dog similar to the British Bulldog but one more suited to the Australian environment and without the health issues of its predecessors. However, owners comment that the dog tends to be a family-centered animal that can make a fine watchdog with proper training.

There are two Australian Bulldog registries and breeding programs: the United Aussie Bulldog Association, started by Noel and Tina Green; and the Australian Bulldog Society, a program begun by Pip Nobes.

Appearance / health:
The Australian Bulldog resembles its predecessors, and is a strong yet compact canine. Their front legs are set wide, and their hind legs are strong and nimble. As with other bulldog breeds, the head is one of its main attributes, being large and squarish. Typically the breed sports several wrinkles or folds on their nose. Their ears tend to be small to medium sized.

The Australian Bulldog’s short coat is simple to care for. Regular brushing is recommended and bathing is suggested only as necessary. It is important to pay extra attention to the folds of skin on the face, wiping them clean with a damp wash cloth or baby wipe on a daily basis. Overall the breed is an average shedder.

Daily exercise is recommended, a simple brisk walk can accomplish this task.

This breed was developed with the goal of avoiding the health issues that are common with the British Bulldog, however there are two health issues that have been documented within the Aussie Bulldog breed. First, “cherry eye”(prolapse of a gland of the third eyelid) is relatively common within the breed. And second, hip dysplasia (malformation of the hip joints) is also found in the breed.

Behavior / temperament:
The Australian Bulldog is similar to the British Bulldog and Bullmastiff in its behavior, with an outgoing personality and happy disposition. They are good watchdogs, as they are quite alert. The breed as a whole is not aggressive, and is happiest relaxing with their family.

Early socialization and obedience training is recommended. The breed intelligent and learns rather easily.

Aussie Bulldogs are rather docile and don’t bark much at all.

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