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Idaho, United States

Posted February 6, 2013

My Australian Shepherd game from a friend of mine I went to school with. She was a teeny ball of black, white, and copper fluff. My grandmother actually thought my father was carrying in a stuffed animal when he brought her home to surprise me. I ended up naming her Frisky because she was the most incredibly hyper little dog. She loved to jump around and run.

She loved affection and she never had a barking issue. The only times I would see her barking was if the Labrador retrievers we had were running back and forth barking at the neighbor dogs. I think it was more a social thing with her because she wouldn't care until she'd see her buddies were off doing something without her.

She was very easy to train. In about the first week of owning her a puppy I taught her to shake hands, and from then on she'd always want to greet people by holding out her paw for them to take it and shake. Her energy remained into adulthood, but she was very good about not jumping on people. She learned that very quickly, so this was a very trainable dog. Another thing I loved about her is she always looked like she was smiling. Definitely a very happy breed of dog, and she was very fond of mothering any kittens I brought home and cuddling with them when she napped. Surprisingly she was also very gentle when playing with them despite her hyper tendencies and never hurt them. In fact, they'd tend to hurt her if they randomly got spooked.

On the maintenance side, given that she had long hair she needed lots of brushing because she'd get huge knots in her fur, especially since she was an outside dog. I would definitely recommend this type of dog for anybody. She literally loved everyone and everything she met and even though I favor cats if I had to I would get this type of dog again.

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