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Other name(s): Aussie

The basics:
The Australian Terrier is Australia's first breed to be recognized both at home and abroad. The early settlers of Australia required a versatile dog that could withstand the harsh, rugged climate of the country while helping to police vast farmlands. Around 1820, Tasmanian breeders crossbred various terriers from Britain to produce a dog which could kill pests such as snakes and rodents, announce intruders, and tend sheep. As a result, this dog tends to be an assertive, athletic smaller dog with all of the pluses and minuses of the terrier personality-- including the need for something meaningful to do to prevent destructive digging or acting out.

This smaller terrier can be the right choice for active families and first-time terrier owners, but don't choose this dog if you're too busy or just want to chill on the sofa.

Appearance / health:
The Australian Terrier is a sturdy, keen, and intelligent dog with an untrimmed harsh coat suited for the rugged Australian landscapes. They are small but rather long in comparison to their height. They have pricked ears and traditionally the tail has been docked. However, tail docking has changed, and is no longer the standard internationally, except in the United States.

The Australian Terrier requires little grooming. Frequent bathing and shampooing may soften the harsh coat and cause dry, flaky skin. Brushing is done at least once a week to keep the coat clean. They have a low tolerance to fleas, which frequently induces an allergic reaction in them.

They need moderate amounts of exercise daily, which could simply include a long walk. They fit in well with human lifestyles. They need a reason to keep busy else, they find their own activities.

Australian Terriers do not suffer from as many health issues as other dogs. However, they are prone to diabetes and thyroid problems. Allergic skin dermatitis is common in these dogs. They have a low tolerance to fleas.

Behavior / temperament:
Australian Terriers are full of energy and are handy companions to their owners with their spiritedness and courage. Owners may get exasperated with their impish behavior at times. Extremely intelligent, they are not suited to living alone. They need the constant company of their owners and families. They keep themselves busy by either chasing smaller animals or cars or by digging. They are naturally wary of strangers whose presence they immediately announce but are not very aggressive. They are fast and jump swiftly to catch a moving ball or prey.

The Australian Terrier is a fast learner and several dogs have excelled in obedience training. They love to please their owners. Socialization is necessary to curb their natural aggressiveness with other dogs and pets. They get bored with routine training sessions and prefer variety and shorter training sessions.

Australian Terriers like toys such as bones, balls, and dolls. They are busy dogs and love games that help them expend their excessive energy.

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Tessa was a handful!

Tessa first came into my life when she was two months old. She was an absolutely beautiful, sandy-red Australian terrier whose father was even awarded the title of "champion" for his breed. What appealed to me most, however, was how adorable and lively Tessa was. She had a gre...

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