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Other name(s): Österreichischer Pinscher; Österreichischer Kurzhaarpinscher ; Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher

The basics:
Until the nineteenth century, Austrian Pinschers were common in the Austrian countryside, where they were used as a versatile farm dog that could fight, control vermin, drive livestock, or guard house and property. Almost extinct by the 1970s, it has attracted some attention in Austria from breeders seeking to stabilize the breed, but it remains little-known outside that country. Since it tends to be loyal to its people, it can make a fine watchdog, but it retains some of the high energy and need to pursue small animals from its background as a farm dog. While it fits in well on farms or ranches around large animals, it probably isn't a good choice for a home with smaller pets.

Appearance / health:
The Austrian Pinscher has a pear-shaped head, a black nose, and a strong neck. Densely covered with hair, the tails are curled and set high. The body is short but strong. The ears are small and folded.

Regular grooming is necessary to keep their coats in good condition.

They need good amounts of exercise, which they get when provided with sufficient space. Long walks and jogging may be necessary for those dogs living in an apartment.

Austrian Pinschers may be prone to hereditary heart disease.

Behavior / temperament:
Austrian Shorthaired Pinschers make good farm pets rather than house pets owing to their versatility. The hunting instinct is not completely developed. They love to please their owners. They are spirited barkers and are suspicious of strangers. They are prone to bite and make good guard dogs owing to their protective tendency.

They are good learners. Basic obedience and socialization must begin early in life. Training needs to be interesting and varied to cater to their lively temperaments.

They can be quite noisy as they are spirited barkers.

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