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Species group:

Other name(s): Barbet Francais; French Water Dog

The basics:
First referenced in the 14th century, the Barbet is believed to be the original ancestor of all the water dog breeds. This curly-haired aristocrat, once the hunting dog of French kings, was instrumental in the creation of several other breeds, such as the Briard, the Newfoundland, and especially the poodle.

Despite this history, the Barbet itself almost died out to the point where there were only two Barbet breeders left in France. Fortunately, in the 1960's, the Barbet regained some popularity, and is no longer endangered. The Club des Chiens d'Eau in France and the United Kennel Club recognize the breed, and the AKC has listed it with its Foundation Stock Service since 2007.

The Barbet rewards the owner who can devote time to the relationship. The curly coat must be kept groomed, and the breed has both the intelligence and the sensitivity of a poodle. If you are too busy for a dog that craves companionship, you might be better off with an easier breed. Know how to train using positive reinforcement.

Appearance / health:
The Barbet is a medium-sized, furry dog with a big head, long tail, long ears, and big strong legs. The eyes are small, round and quite covered with the furry coat. The muzzle is quite square and the neck is short and strong. The tail is slightly raised but not erect.

The Barbet does not shed much though its long woolly coat requires a lot of care. Matt formation may occur, especially if the dog goes into water often. Therefore, a regular brushing and combing is desirable. It is also necessary to shave a puppy between the ages of four to six months to ensure proper growth of the coat.

Behavior / temperament:
Usually, Barbets are calm dog but they often end entertaining their family members with their clownish antics. These devoted dogs are eager to please and seek attention all the time.

The Barbet is easy to train but responds best to firm training with without harshness. The training routine requires variation, and needs to be engaging enough to hold the Barbet's attention.

They are known to be noisy.

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The Barbet - a Versatile and Loyal Companion

My first Barbet got me hooked! Immediately I fell in love with her eyes. She is the most loving, loyal and playful dog I've ever owned. So, once hooked our family decided to look into breeding and of course, with the time and commitment, we challenged ourselves and looked to o...

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