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Love of Basset Hounds


Arizona, United States

Posted September 30, 2014

What is not to love with a Basset Hound. Their stout, short stature and whimsical, goof of their long droopy ears to their sad looking, but loving eyes. Our Basset came to us as a very young pup who might have been weened too soon. She was a wonderful addition who was constantly tripping over her own ears as a puppy.
We soon learned how much impact her ears would have later in her life.

Basset Hounds with their drooping ears act like magnets attracting all sorts of dirt, debris, and sometimes infection. They require constant cleaning to aid in the prevention of infections and worse, hearing loss due to infections. A solution of vinegar and water is great for a simple flush, I would recommend warming this mixture to soothe the dogs ears upon application.

The Basset is extremely loving, patient, and kind. They are runners. Believe it or not but they were bred to chase down small prey like foxes and rabbits. As a hound dog, scents will attract the attention of your Basset at any moment and they are off on an adventure. The Basset Hound can also be a boisterous breed and have been known to "sing" as sirens and other barking dogs. A very distinctive sound is the howl of a Basset Hound. Bassets are wonderfully social dogs as well and create new friendships on their "sniffing" adventures.

The Basset Hound is a medium-haired dog and requires brushings to help with shedding. Not like a long haired dog such as a Lhasa Apso, however they do have a thicker coat that results in collective "dust bunnies" and balls of fur that accumulate from their shedding. Our Basset loved bath time. She would gladly hop in the shower or tub for regular grooming and wait patiently for the hair dryer before running off to play with the kids. They are a great addition to any family.

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