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Ohio, United States

Posted April 14, 2012

I found Tank a dachshund at the local dog pound. She was barky as a baby. She would raise her nose into the air, bark repeatedly, and back up as she barked. She was so endearing. The dog pound employee talked me into taking her home. The dachcie truly had my eye. I was going to find Tank a home. I was working as a foster for the local humane society. The dachcie had parvo, and began seizuring. The vet put the baby down. That left me with Tank. The society advertised the dogs I fostered and a potential adoptive family came to visit Tank. I had older dogs as well and showed them first. When I came to Tank, I told them she was adopted. She had wormed her way into my life. She was already in her forever home!
She and I trained everyday for different events. Starting with obedience and moving on to agility. She was so easy to train and loved to please me. We spend weekends going to events. We drove an hour weekly to Columbus All-Breed to train. She and I earned a Canine Good Citizen certificate from the AKC and a Companion Dog title from the Mixed Breed registry. When she would come on recall she would sometimes run so fast she would crash into my legs. What a Character!
I was on the bed sleeping when a friend entered the room. Tank was up, headed for the friend, growling and ready to protect me. I trusted her to look out for me.
We were at a weekend event. 4-Hers were with us. They had wanted to take her for a walk. I let them take her and they let off the leash in a fenced area. The fenced area was around a series of horseshoe pits. She was running wild inside the fenced area. She was running so fast that she piled into one of the horsehoe posts. She yelled in pain. They tried to get ahold of her but to no avail. She ran straight to me and spent the rest of the day in my lap or attached to my leg. So endearing.
I had a snowshoe cat, they learned to play and would attack each other and wrestle. The cat was tough and could keep up with Tank.
We really enjoyed watching her bounce, tuck her tail and run crazy in the yard. She was a joy. She loved entertaining and playing with us.
She loved the Christmas Tree. She would move very, painstakingly slow and let the branchs stroke her back. She would do this for a good ten minutes at a time.
I would not have missed my life with her for anything. She was a real joy and loved to work for me.

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