Beagle / Dalmatian Mix

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United States

Posted November 25, 2013

The only other dog that I have had before Nixon was a calm, playful, loving little Shih Tzu. I had never experienced having a large, hyper dog with endless energy. To be honest, if my husband didn't love this sucker so much, I probably would have tried to find another home for him by now. When we got him, he had just been rescued from being taken to be put down at 8 weeks old. Two days after we got him we found out he had Parvo and went through extreme measures to get him healthy again. He ended up pulling through and we later found out that he was the only one from his litter to survive. I really think that his brain got messed up somehow when he got sick because he is like no other dog I have ever met.

It probably has something to do with the fact that he's half Dalmatian and half Beagle, but he was and is the hardest puppy on the planet to train! It took much longer than necessary to potty train him and it is obvious he has a mind of his own. He always pulls on the leash during walks and cannot control himself around new people. Last time I took him to the vet he barked and cried and tugged on the leash the entire time we were waiting for him to be seen; it was completely mortifying.

I also have three cats which I love to death and Nixon just makes their life hell. It's not that he's mean to them, but he is always chasing them and trying to play and they don't want any part of it. If I had cats that wanted to play with him, it would be a different story. Overall, I think he would be a good dog for a family that is better equipped to properly train him and put 100% of their time into him. He is a very tough dog to train with a strong personality and needs someone who can completely commit their time to teaching him right and wrong.

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