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Posted January 1, 2014

What can I say about my beagle? Yes, he was adorable, and yes, my husband and I were quite attached to him. But he had some unique characteristics that made being his mom and dad quite challenging at times.

He was difficult to housetrain; he had "accidents" regularly until he was about 8 years old, prompting us to get rid of all the carpeting in our house and install hardwoods and stone flooring instead. He also would take any moment of inattention on our part to take off running into the woods for hours at a time. I've been told by many other beagle owners I've met that they had the same issue--hounds just like to roam. Fortunately we live in a wooded area where it was pretty safe for him to do so, and he always came back eventually, but it was still worrisome at times. Travis was also extremely stubborn. If he picked up something off the floor that you accidentally dropped, he'd fight you to the death before he'd let you pry it out of his mouth. Another issue we dealt with was that he was constantly throwing his back out--our vet told us this was a common problem with beagles--which meant that we had to carry him everywhere he wanted or needed to go for weeks at a time!

Despite all the issues I've outlined, there were two traits in particular (aside from his sheer adorableness) that endeared Travis to us. One was his willingness to nap alongside either one of us at any time, day or night. He was a fantastic "chill" buddy. The other is that he loved everyone---family, strangers, children---he could be trusted to be friendly and laid back with everyone he came in contact with.

In a nutshell, I feel a beagles are a great choice for families with small children, but owners may need to exercise patience when it comes to housetraining and obedience.

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