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You'll "Beagle-ad" You Read This!


United States

Posted May 1, 2014

Harley the beagle was one of the most difficult yet lovable dogs we have ever owned. We adopted him from the Humane Society and as soon as he was in the car coming home with us he began to show behavioral issues. For some reason Harley was always incredibly excited, jumped and kissed inappropriately, and was so vocal that we had neighbors complain. If he saw another dog or small animal during a walk, he would forcibly tug at the end of his leash to get to it and never obeyed commands to "come" or "heel". The 4 cats and 6 hamsters we owned never seemed bothered or even concerned with the beagle, though the first day and night Harley stayed with us was very chaotic, as the cats had yet to get used to his baying. Throughout the two years we owned him he was never aggressive, he was just insubordinate. It was difficult to go places with him or even leave him unattended in our fenced back yard. Big crowds overstimulated him and his manners were terrible!
When Harley was calm, however, he was delightful! He had rare moments of peace, when he would lay his head on your knee and look up at you with his giant puppy eyes, as if to say, "Please scratch my ears?" He loved to sleep in the bed and we allowed him onto the furniture without much consequence. He always seemed to know when something was wrong, or when the family was sad, because he would seemingly channel the emotion of the room by pacing and mournfully baying.
I am positive that had he been trained properly he would still be in our family today, but in a family with lots of kids he was too much to handle in his most excited moods.

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