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Bouncing Bearded Collie


United States

Posted May 2, 2015

My Bearded Collie Holly was the second one my family owned. She was the perfect dog. The only complaint to be had with a Beardie is that they love to run outside and their hair soaks up mud that they love to track all over the house. You have to keep up with grooming as well or else you will have to shave them. A great trait that Holly had was we never had to come home at a certain time to feed her. Bearded Collie's have very sensitive stomach's and can only be fed their specific dog food. We would put the bowl of food down and she would graze on it for a day or two, with us filling it up whenever it got empty. She did not devour every ounce all at once and it was really convenient. Bearded Collie's have a lot of energy and are easy to train. They love to run outside and are amazing jumpers. Holly could jump a 6 foot fence but never tried to escape unless she had to. She loved her family, like most collies and protecter her flock. One time kids in the family fell on the beach in front of the house and she jumped over the railing on a balcony two stories high down to the yard, dashed across it and jumped over another 4 ft fence to get onto the beach to make sure the kids were ok. I would trust these dogs with any child, very gentle to humans. You have to be careful to make sure you socialize them with other dogs because they can get a little bit aggressive towards other dogs they do not know when their humans are around especially on the leash. As long as you socialize them agains dog aggression and make sure they run in a safe place (fast dogs and can get hit by cars) Bearded Collies are great family pets.

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