Belgian Malinois

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Belgian Malinois: Excitable, Energetic,Fun and Smart - oh yeah handsome too


United States

Posted June 21, 2016

My friend had been wanting a Belgian Malinois forever, but refused to buy from a breeder,so kept her fingers crossed one would come along one day. And lo and behold, a busy shelter in Arizona had a Belgian pup for adoption one day, so I pulled it for rescue, knowing she would be a great home for this breed. She already had a wonderful German Shepherd Dog and this would be a great fit.

Because my friend lives out of state, I ended up having to keep him for about 5 months until she came to pick him up. I am not one for energetic dogs and a puppy to boot, so this was going to be a heck of a 5 months for me. I started with puppy crate training, since I work from home, that was a good move, he wasn't left in to long and I was able to increase his crate time, while making sure he had plenty of activity time during his breaks out of the crate.

Leash training was a breeze, Belgians live to please and Connor was no exception. He was however, extremely energetic. His energy level was through the roof. Keeping my small fosters away from this bouncy pup that was solid muscle was a constant juggle. He learned sit and down in a one hour session. Shake with both paws, his come command was sloppy but he listened!

I can safely say I won't do that again, but at least Connor got the perfect home that loves him, understands him and exercises him to the level he needs. Belgians are super smart and if they don't have a job, they can be destructive. My friend uses dog puzzles, scent toys with hide and seek games, lots of exercise and has started agility training to keep up with his busy mind, now that he is 4.

Pros: Smart beyond belief (they can outsmart their humans in a heartbeat)

Cons: Energetic to the extreme (think of a constant Tigger)

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