Bichon Frise / Poodle (Miniature) Mix

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Review from a First Dog Owner: From Now On I will Own a Bichon!


North Carolina, United States

Posted June 26, 2012

I grew up with cats all my life, even after I got married all we had were two cats at our house. My husband grew up with dogs and really wanted a dog. I had always wanted a "toy poodle" because growing up my neighbor had one and it was so cute! We searched Petfinder.com for several months and came across a "toy poodle" (as she was listed at the time) named POPTART. This was in November of 2009. As January of 2010 approached, the "foster mom" brought over "Pop tart" and let her stay with us to see if she did well. Two years later, and changed her name to Appy, she has grown into a beautiful dog (the apricot is from the poodle). Though she is mixed, the bichon in her stands out the most. She is full of joy and happiness and can't stop smiling! I have trained her with my camera even (she knows she gets a treats when the camera is out lol). I highly recommend this breed to anyone who wants a dog that can get along with ANYONE including younger children. One of my closest friends has a 2 yr old and 4 yr old and Appy gets along with them perfectly. The 2 yr old fell in love with Appy to the point she has to watch an "Appy" video every night before going to bed (texted my friend a video of Appy being goofy). I have told people that children are attracted to Appy because she is like a walking teddy bear. This is also a great breed to get if you have allergies and are allergic to dog fur. Bichons have hair which doesn't shed as much as fur does. I myself can't be around dogs with "fur" for long periods of time because my eyes will start to itch like crazy. The bichon is a little hard to train when it comes to potty training, so its good to train them from a young start. Appy occasionally might have an accident (on hardwood floor) but for 95% of the time she is house trained. The bichon breed can pick up tricks easily and LOVE showing off them for you. They get so much joy out of it! I remember it literally took me ten minutes to train Appy how to do the "shake" command. As far as grooming goes, we usually do the grooming ourselves. During the Spring early Summer time is when we take her to the professionals to cut off her "winter hair." We try to give Appy a bath every week or else she becomes stinky. Sometimes we will go two weeks.

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