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Texas, United States

Posted January 14, 2013

Annabelle came to us as an adult who had been trained to hunt hogs. She is a great house dog, she doesn't bark unless she really hears something or smells a hog. If she is outside she has to be kept in a fenced yard or put a shock collar on, because if she is loose, she is going hunt whether you are going or not. If she has the shock collar on you don't even have to use it, she stays right by your side. I am assuming she was trained with one as a hunting dog before we got her. Not sure.
She is sweet and loving and has been easy to train. She is smart and will do almost anything you ask as long as it is to NOT go hunting if she is loose. Because she is going hunting if she possibly can.
Blackmouth Curs are usually used for hunting and will hunt most anything, hogs, raccoon, squirrel, rabbit, bear, big cat...most anything and they are not afraid of things bigger than them . The hunting instinct takes over and they hunt. They are also used for tracking, search and rescue, herding cattle, agility and running course events.
I have read that they will die to protect their owner, I don't know if that is true because Annabelle thinks everyone is her friend and there to see her. She makes sure she gets lots of love from everyone who comes over. They say that you won't know that they are going to protect you until they need to do it and then they become a totally different dog and ready to kill whatever they see as a threat. Again I don't know if this is true and I kinda hope I don't need to find out.
I think they are beautiful, they come in red, yellow, fawn, buckskin and tan. Most have a black mask but not all. Their coat is very short so there is little to no care. I wipe mine down with baby wipes if she starts to smell. She hates it but she hates a bath even more. If you bath them be sure to not get water in the ears, like any flop eared hound they can get ear infections easily. One problem with the very short coat is that they do get cold very easily if outside in the winter. We have Annebelle in most of the time. She loves a good sunbathing, if inside will find a window with sun hitting the floor, roll on her back and bask until the sun moves.
She has been excellent with our ducks, chickens and guinea fowl, she never went after them. She has been around our rabbits and because she knows that they belong to us she leaves them alone. She loves all the little baby animals and if we have baby goat we are bottle feeding, she will let it nurse if it happens to find her teats. She wants to clean the baby rabbits whether they like it or not and will clean and de flea a baby chicken if you let her.
She has always been great with kids, no matter what age they are.
Honestly the only drawbacks to a Blackmouth Cur that we have found is running off to go hunting if she can and getting cold very easily.
They weigh between 45 and 95 lbs and usually live to be 12-16 years old. They get their feelings hurt easily so it is always best to use voice corrections and food incentives when training rather than physical punishment.
The only little quirk Annabelle has is she is very protective of where she sleeps. She will not share her bed. She will bark at what ever is trying to share it with her unless it is a baby then she will just move to another spot. She has only gotten comfortable with one other thing sleeping close to her. A very very persistent black kitten who let her know the resistance was futile.
Annabelle loves to play fetch and is very active when outside. Inside she is very inactive and sleeps a lot.
I think they are great dogs and would have one again if something happens to our Annabelle.

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