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Posted February 26, 2014

To say that the Boston Terrier is the American Gentleman (their historical breed nickname) is at once both laughable and also, somehow, the truth. Bostons are wonderful companions for a wide variety of people, and due to their size and friendly nature are great for families as well. While they can thrive under an individual's care as well as a families, they are extremely sociable dogs. They need to have someone around all the time and aren't the type of dog you can leave alone in an apartment and go to work all day; they need a lot of human interaction and companionship, at least having someone nearby.

Boston Terriers are very active and fun loving, but this is not a super athletic dog that you'll need to walk several times a day. That being said, they are miniature speed demons and love a good run around the park, especially chasing a tennis ball or frisbee. They enjoy the outdoors but aren't the dogs for people who want to do an endurance run or all day hike--Bostons are high energy but not high endurance.

In terms of training, their only downfall is that they can be too smart and stubborn for their own good (my Boston has easily learned new tricks such as "roll over" and "dance" even at the age of 9 and 10 or so and can do it on voice command). They are not terribly difficult to train as long as you have the patience to work around the stubborn, I-refuse-to-listen stage. Boston Terriers are the insanely passionate food lovers of the dog world, and therefore can be motivated by any sort of food-related reward. Once they have learned something, they tend to pick up on it quickly and remember it well.

As mentioned earlier, Bostons are brilliant dogs for families. While being high energy and very friendly, they are also extremely docile and gentle and love people more than other animals (even other dogs) so they aim to please and are great with people of all ages. Most Bostons are great with other animals as well--mine has lived happily alongside my rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters; even when I had these animals free-roaming around the house, he wouldn't hurt a hair on them (he actually went up and made friends by touching noses. And the rabbits enjoyed playing with him and would play chase him instead of the other way around!).

Fortunately, Bostons have very short hair so no grooming except a simple bath (and they're small enough to fit in a utility sink or small bathtub!) is needed, because they are very akin to their look alikes, the pig, and enjoy the nastiest of nasty smells and dead things to roll in. Even though they have super-short hair, they still shed like any other animal.

While some people consider it charming, because of their short, flat muzzles, Bostons have a tendency to snore and make "piggy" sounds just like their pig friends. They love sleeping near their owners (or on top, if allowed) but will keep you awake if you're sensitive to snoring and snorking noises throughout the night. Although they do have short noses, they aren't quite as prone to breathing problems as other "bully" breeds; but the eyes can be quite a drawback. Their beautiful bulgy eyes can also create problems for them and can lead to them getting accidentally poked, as well as being candidates for cataracts and blindness later in life.

The Boston terrier is a joyful, happy dog with a unique look and tons of personality to match--they often seem as human as their owners. A great choice for someone looking for a smart, loving, exuberant companion.

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