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Other name(s): Danish Broholmer; Danish Mastiff

The basics:
Dating back to the Middle Ages, the now-rare Broholmer was developed in Denmark for stag hunting and then for use as a guard dog. The story goes that local dogs descended from animals owned by the Vikings were crossed with Great Danes and English Mastiffs to produce this huge breed. While their size and mastiff DNA suggests them for a family protector, the Broholmer Club of the USA warns, "Broholmers were bred as Estate Guardians but really they are just too loving to be of any real threat to an intruder. They will bark but that is it...They have no clue [about] their size and think they are little lap dogs. Their size alone is what will deter an intruder." If you want a dog that's more bark than bite, a properly socialized Broholmer might be your choice.

That said, if you are intimidated by an exuberant large breed that likes to snuggle, you might be overwhelmed by the Broholmer.

Appearance / health:
The Danish Broholmer is a large, rectangular, and muscular dog with a big, broad head, and a not very long muzzle. The eyes are small, dark, and almond shaped. The ears are also small, set at eye-level, and drooping by the head.

The neck is broad and sturdy with some dewlap. The forelegs are straight and powerful while the hind legs are muscular and strong. The tail is moderately long and thick, and carried low at rest, and saber like when alert.

The Danish Broholmer is a seasonal and heavy shedder. It requires regular brushing and combing to keep it healthy and clean. Daily walks and short jogs may help to meet their exercise requirements.

The Danish Broholmer is generally a very healthy breed but may be prone to hip dysplasia (inherited disease in which the hip joint is displaced leading to crippling or limping).

Behavior / temperament:
The Danish Broholmer has good protective instincts. They are aloof with strangers, and make great watchdogs with their alertness and formidable appearance.

Danish Broholmers are fast learners that respond best to firm training. Clicker training is believed to be effective with the Broholmer.

The Broholmer can be noisy as it tends to bark often. Proper training may mitigate the tendency.

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