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00144, Italy

Posted June 21, 2015

Everybody loves Olivia and Olivia loves whoever gets near her (except for cats, or small animals).
She is the most foolish dog I ever met, she loves to play and stay around people all the time, you can't help yourself but just fall in love with such a tender spirit, you can almost do anything to her and she will always be happy, just for the fact that you're with her.
I was afraid to introduce her to the smallest members of our family because of her exuberant character but she showed more self control than anyone could imagine.
Her playfulness sometimes is "too much", it doesn't annoy me personally, but I understand that someone could easily be overwhelmed by her. Sometimes she can get easily frustrated by the fact that she stays home for too long or nobody is around to play with her so she'll do some mess around the house like eating up the remote control or some shoes, but I can't find the strength to blame her, I know that she can get out of control and emotional from time to time so I can forgive her mischief's.

The real thing that hurts me about this wonderful dog is her health. She always had troubles, from thyroid and hormonal problems to dermatitis and stomach problems, we had to get used to buy special foods and even sunscreen for her sensitive skin, we always have to pay attention to what she eats and in the summer we can't go around as much as we'd wish because of her skin problems.
I am aware of the fact that every breed has their problems but I didn't expect so many from the same dog.

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