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Fostering a year old dog w/o training was HARD work


United States

Posted January 16, 2015

Chalupa was a dog I fostered for a short time during the summer in Arizona a few years ago. I really wanted to make this dog's life better before it ended in another home, and I wanted to see how I could handle it.

However, I've never own a dog before so I literally knew nothing (why didn't the rescue vet me at all or provide me with ANY training?) and I honestly was scared of dogs growing up. Not anymore of course, but I definitely wish I had known more about training.

Chalupa was adorable. She was sweet and I did enjoy having her for that time. When I got her it was the day she was spayed. I nursed her back to health, gave her meds and made sure she kept the cone on for a little while.

The problem was the training. I tried to get her on a schedule, but it was tough. I felt guilty anytime I left her at home. I didn't have a cage for her I don't believe (few years ago, hard to recall) and the first couple days I got her I was freaked out ha. I didn't shower I was so afraid to leave her alone. She popped on the carpet like everyday when I would go to work. It was a PITA. She was sweet, but it wasn't enough focused time to get her trained. And she was already a year old at that point.

I ended up giving her back to the rescue because I knew I couldn't keep fostering when college was starting back up in August and my roommates would be back. I don't know what happened to you after that -the rescue wouldn't update me :/

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