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08443, Liechtenstein

Posted September 29, 2016

My parents spent a year mourning over their late Miniature Poodle. Once asked if I knew any reliable poodle breeders, I immediately realised it was my shot at making things right. Firstly, I knew without doubt, that another black poodle is not a way out, because the third dog in a row will bring back the memories of the first two. All black. All miniature. All poodles. Secondly, I googled just the right breed for them - Longhaired Chihuahua. And guess what, it turned out to be the best decision I talked them into. If you are considering a small pet, the Longhaired Chihuahua might be your answer as well.

First of all, the size of the dog comes as a strong benefit. It is the smallest breed, after all. It is good if you live in small apartment, if you travel a lot, and have no one to leave the dog to (most of the people that have no pets allowed policy, do not protest against chihuahuas - they are tiny and generally prefer their trendy totes to actually walking the walk on foot). Small also means light. Thus, you can easily carry them around. On the other hand, chihuahuas do get used to that, meaning they will expect you to carry them for most of your time. They will expect to be on your lap no matter if you are just drinking your coffee or trying to get work done at. They seek your attention at all times, and the best way to achieve it, is to simply lie down on the keyboard of your laptop.

In addition to their unconditional love for their owner, they are smart. They calculate which one in the family is more of an owner. Thus, if you are off to work after your holiday, and there is someone staying at home, the WHOLE day (like my grandma), you might get greeted with some slight indifference once you are home. Well you were not home to cuddle and have a mid-day nap, were you? Also, our chihuahua knows how to act with whom based on their age: she is not very excited about having to play with my 3 years old child, as she is with my 10 year old. She understands who is more in charge and plays along their rules.

Chihuahuas are not extremely difficult to train. They quickly get the house rules, they show explicitly they understand things and places that are off limits. Well sometimes they just choose to act differently, to go against the rules, but it happens rarely, and then they feel very sorry for it. And you simply forgive and forget.

Chihuahuas, especially longhaired, are easy to look after. Their hair needs some occasional grooming, but they do not shed much. Also, they do not have any specific food allergies (ours just happens to be picky about the food, for no reason). Chihuahuas are rather mute. However if someone rings a doorbell or tries to unlock the door, the big dog inside the small body awakens, and the dog barks. And even-though, your chihuahua is not to guard the house, at least the dog will give you heads-up.

In conclusion, we have not come across many negative side - effects of owning a Longhaired Chihuahua. We enjoy the fashionable tote she adores and sits quietly in , while we have our coffee at a trendy place or do shopping. Me and my family (even my dad!) fell for this small yet smart and brave dog.

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