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Other name(s): Cock-a-poo; Spoodle; Cockerpoo; Cockadoodle

The basics:
The Cockapoo, originally created by cross-breeding a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle, is one of the most popular mixed breed dogs. The intent is to create a pet that combines the high intelligence of the Poodle with the lovable personality of the Cocker Spaniel. As yet, the Cockapoo is not recognized as a breed by major registries like the American Kennel Club because the outcome is still sometimes unpredictable. However, several breed clubs in America such as the American Cockapoo Club and the Cockapoo Club of America have worked on a breed standard that will help in bringing uniformity in looks and temperament.

As it stands, a well-bred Cockapoo is a highly-regarded family pet. However, a puppy-mill Cockapoo from careless breeders may not live up to your expectations. Know your breeder.

A Cockapoo need not be a first generation cross-bred between a purebred Poodle and purebred Cocker Spaniel. It can also be the offspring of other Cockapoos. The second generation of Cockapoos-- the result of breeding a first generation Cockapoo to another first generation Cockapoo-- is most likely to produce offspring that seem to look a bit more like either the Poodle or the Cocker Spaniel. Third and subsequent generations of Cockapoos are more likely to result in balanced offspring with predictable traits.

Appearance / health:
The Cockapoo is a small dog available with widely varying physical proportions. The head is moderately rounded but no flatness. The brown eyes are large, round, and well spaced out. The tail is carried straight or curled. The long ears hang close to the head.

Thanks to their Poodle heritage, Cockapoos do not shed much yet they require regular grooming. Regular brushing and bathing is necessary. Cleaning the ears and teeth will keep them in good condition.

Moderate exercise in the form of a walk is sufficient for Cockapoos. Overexerting these small dogs may be detrimental to their health.

Several Cockapoo breeders claim that Cockapoos suffer from fewer health problems than other breeds due to their hybrid vigor. However, owing to poor breeding practices, many designer breeds may be susceptible to serious health concerns. Hip dysplasia is a common affliction seen in many breeds, and is marked by abnormal formation of bones. Ear infections are common in Cockapoos owing to their long ears. Luxating patella or knee dislocation and eye problems can be seen in some Cockapoos.

Behavior / temperament:
Cockapoos are mischievous dogs that love to be with their owners. When kept alone for too long, they can develop separation anxiety, which may manifest as excessive barking, chewing, etc.

Positive training methods work well with the intelligent and adaptable Cockapoo. Early socialization is necessary to help the dog get accustomed to different situations, people, etc.

They bark only when required.

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Tucker the wonder dog

My family only got our Cockapoo a few months ago, but from the minute that he came into our home he was accepted by the whole family. Tucker hasn't even been with us for a year yet but it feels like he has been here forever, he has become a real baby of the household. Our Cock...

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