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The loyal, loving and lavishly pampered cocker spaniel.


Granger, Indiana, United States

Posted July 17, 2014

Many people will refer to their pets as part of their family. In our house, my dog is not just part of the family, she's second in command. The line of succession starts with my wife, then the dog, then the kids...then me. Our dog, affectionately named "Rolo" by my children because of her caramel and chocolate coloring, is a pampered pet of the highest order. What is funny, is that she deserves it.

Rolo eats her share of regular, run-of-the-mill dog food, but she also enjoys a plentiful palate of "table scraps" that would make most Veterinarians blush. On Christmas, she gets her own cut of tenderloin. On Easter, she gets her own batch of hard boiled eggs. On Thanksgiving, you guessed it, a plate of turkey and gravy is reserved for her enjoyment. Daily doses of bacon and the ever-present dropped potato chip round out the rest of her lavish diet. Her bed is right next to the entertainment center. Oddly, the video games and reality shows are never too loud, but the football game annoys her. I have actually had my wife order me to turn the volume down during a Bears/ Packers game...because it was making the dog uncomfortable. Most Alpha males would have an issue with being pushed to the backseat in favor of a canine companion. That is, until he saw how much joy, love and affection that canine brought to his children.

Cocker Spaniels are a bit high maintenance. They require a particular haircut, and what seems like an endless amount of grooming. They need a higher than average amount of routine medical attention, due to tendencies towards various ear infections. They bark at rabbits and squirrels like the woodland animals are mounting an all out invasion of their homeland. However, these drawbacks are nothing, absolutely nothing, when compared to the benefits of this particular breed.

The cocker spaniel is fiercely loyal to her family. More than once, she has stayed by the side of my sick children while they nursed fevers, sore throats, and childhood maladies. When my wife fell ill years ago, Rolo somehow knew it, and wouldn't leave her side. The breed as a whole is known for being playful, active and generally happy with their lives. Our dog, our Rolo, actually smiles from floppy, uneven ear to ear. Cocker Spaniels love their snacks, especially table scraps, and they will put on the most irresistably pathetic face in order to wash a wave of guilt right over you, until you give up the bacon. Rolo is unbelievably tolerant of children and their ideas, as evidenced by more than one tea party dress up day, and several puppy football jerseys, as well as countless halloween costumes where we dressed her up like a hot dog. (OK, I did that. It wasn't the kids.) I would recommend this breed of dog to anyone with children, who is looking to not just acquire a dog, but to adopt a new member of their family.

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