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My cocker spaniel

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Posted December 17, 2015

As much as i'd love to say that my cocker spaniel is an amazing dog, i cannot.
Keep in mind that yes I do of course love her, she's still my dog, but she is very troublesome.

My cocker spaniel is a very nervous, loud and stubborn dog. She barks at the slightest of sounds, she won't listen, and she always repeats bad things even after years of trying to get her to stop. I know you may think that it is our fault but we own other dogs that behave exceptionally well and we raised them the same way.

On the plus side, on a good day she is really good. She loves to cuddle a lot. But she repeatedly eats the cat food if we don't close the door to the room where the cats food is, which can get very annoying as our cat only will eat wet food which is expensive. She always chases our cat as well.

Her barking causes us many headaches and even to this day, she is 5 years old and she still uses the bathroom in the house (even though we bring her outside multiple times a day).

I don't believe all dogs of this breed are this way, she just doesn't have a great temperament. So if you are thinking about adopting a cocker spaniel, maybe spend a couple days with the dog before you make a choice, just to make sure she/he is right for you :)

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