Collie (Rough) / American Foxhound Mix

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My memories of Jesse

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United States

Posted May 5, 2015

My family had Jesse four year before I was born. He was a tri-color Collie and American Foxhound mix. My first memories of him are of a big, lovable dog who didn't mind hugs and loved belly-rubs. He was the sweetest dog I've ever met. He was very gentle with children and other animals. During his early years, he loved to roam our backyard and puppy-fight with the neighbors' dogs. He'd come home after wandering about smelling like rotten things now and again: he definitely loved to explore. He was easy to house-train and readily obeyed the command to "heel", something my other dog never learned. He was very calm, even more so in his later years. He mellowed out and lost his youthful energy as he grew older, but he still loved to go for walks and was just as excited when our family members would come home. He was a very low-maintenance dog that was content to simply lay at our feet, gratefully chomping on any scraps he was passed. Speaking of passed, he did pass a good amount of gas over the years. He also was terrified of thunder storms. He would pant heavily and whine as we tried to comfort him. Though he was anxious and smelly at times, we loved him just the same. If you want a low-maintenance, child-friendly, chill dog, I suggest a Collie-Foxhound mix.

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