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Raising Dakota

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United Kingdom

Posted September 14, 2015

I had a Rottweiler / Border Collie cross when I was young and she was my first ever dog from a puppy stage and this was my first baptism by fire when it came to raising this breed from day one. As a breed these dogs are among some of the most loyal, loving and gentle breeds if they are raised that way from the beginning.
My main regret was that I didn’t stick to the training plan we put together and started to stray from the plan when things got stressful. My single most important piece of advice that I want to pass on to anyone who is thinking of owning a Rottweiler or cross is to develop a training program and stick to it at all times. Rotties need constant structure as they are not the most receptive when it comes to changes or picking up new or different things – I dare not say they are a bit slow…but need a strong push in a certain direction (especially with the Collie mix added to the situation). The Collie part came out and took over as soon as the training plan was left alone as that side of her mix is very stubborn and quick to do what they want – when they want.
This breed is protective, aware and generally good with small children as long as they are introduced to each other early on and the dog receives constant reassurance that they both are an equal part of the family. That being said, always take it slow and controlled as no two animals are the same and each require their own level of attention.
All in all, I strongly recommend this breed for families or couples without children. Just remember to keep a strict level of training and discipline in place and these boys and girls will grow up to be well behaved members of any family.

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