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Collie Review

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United States

Posted June 4, 2013

Collies are great animals for those that live alone and need real companionship. These dogs are very smart and intuitive, which also makes them great for alerting owners of break-ins or fires. These animals are very attentive to their owner and are extremely loyal. If a Collie does not trust a stranger, do not expect them to approach them kindly.
The overall behavior of a Collie is very hyper. This can be a bit frustrating at times because of the large size of the Collie. I do not like when big dogs jump on me (even if in a friendly manner), and this is exactly what a Collie will do. Collies often behave like small dogs in a big dog body, which might make them dangerous around small children. Collies also have a habit of chewing up anything that is left on the ground, as well as taking trash out of the trashcan and chewing on it. These dogs are very curious.
Collies can be very hard to train. The one that I had had undergone three different training classes, starting from when she was a pup, but would still have an accident in the house on occasion.
As far as grooming goes, this dog requires a lot of attention. Make sure you allow the Collie to be groomed by a professional every few months, as the Collie’s coat will shed and become knotted. This is especially important to consider in the warmer months.
Overall, the Collie was not my favorite dog because of how hyper these animals tend to be, but they are a great choice for those who need companionship or are living alone.

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