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My Collie named Whiskey

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United States

Posted March 27, 2015

Whiskey was my first dog, bought for me by my parents when I was a teenager. I was told from the beginning that Whiskey was my responsibility. I took him to the obedience training classes and groomed him since he was a pup.

Whiskey was a Smooth Collie and the two things that stand out the most in my memory is how easy it was to train him and how protective he was of my family. Whiskey was trained, with me present, by an dog obedience school that was near our house. He took to the training quickly and had no trouble learning and remembering everything he was taught.

I know I'm supposed to list the good along with the bad, but I have no nightmare housebreaking stories about Whiskey because he learned fast not to go in the house. I have no frustrating stories about grooming him because his shedding was easily manageable. And I have no bad stories about him stinking up the house because he never did. No dog is perfect, but some are so great that once they're gone you can't think of anything bad to say about them. Whiskey is one of those dogs.

Whiskey passed away in 1994 do to an auto accident. He is missed every day. I will always remember how much he loved to cuddle up with me when I watched TV and how he would put himself between me and any stranger that came near me in order to keep me safe.

Losing this dog was as painful as losing a member of the family and that is the true testament to how easy to love this breed of dog can be.

The included photo for this review can be attributed to- "SmoothCollieTri2 wb". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:SmoothCollieTri2_wb.jpg#/media/File:SmoothCollieTri2_wb.jpg

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