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Smooth Collie experience


United States

Posted July 8, 2015

I've owned a few collies, but this was my first smooth collie and my first male dog.

The good - my smooth has been very healthy. No major problems at all. Collies are notorious for congenital eye problems and Wally was born with a small coloboma in one eye, but I've never noticed any difficulty or experienced any problem with this at all. Wally was easily trained, but does not seem very bright. I think this was the luck of the draw as opposed to any genetics. I have small children and cats and Wally has never been aggressive. This seems pretty typical in the collie breed. My smooth is a little more active than my rough collie, but not much more. He tends to walk at a brisker pace than my rough collie, which I like.

The bad - the shedding. Although smooth collies do not need to be groomed as much as the roughs, they do need to be brushed often and shed twice a year. There is an incredible amount of short hair in their undercoat. My smooth is a bit of a barker. If you have neighbors that live close, this could be a problem. He is also really approachable. If you are looking for a guard dog, this might not be the dog for you. He would let anyone in the house, if he can bestir himself from the couch.

Overall, I love my smooth collie. I may even prefer him over the rough. He's not as pretty, but he is unique and I always get comments from strangers on his appearance. I like that he is a little more active than my rough collie. I do wish he was a little more protective of my house.

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