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Ontario, Canada

Posted March 23, 2014

When you mix a Dachshund and a Jack Russell together, you get a strange combination—Duncan. Welcomed to the family when he was 3, Duncan has changed substantially in the 2 years that we’ve had him. He has the long body and short legs that are typical of Dachshunds and the energy and bushier tail of a Jack Russell. He has an insatiable appetite for play and competition, and is a kind, affectionate dog.

Since his arrival, Duncan has grown quite a bit. He entered our lives as an underweight rascal that terrorized our older, intolerant Dachshund with his desire to wrestle and play ball. Over the next 2 years of proper eating and plenty of exercise, Duncan became a muscular, strong dog; he’s equally as clever, always looking for an advantage when he plays with other dogs. One of his favourite toys is a series of three linked rubber rings. We’ve dubbed them “The Rings Of Doom” because of the way he shakes them in his mouth. Stand clear when he’s got The Rings of Doom or you’re bound to walk away with bruised shins.

Duncan is very protective of the house and family. He can be slightly aggressive towards strangers; however, once he gets to know guests, he becomes their best friend if they will play with him. He loves walks and enjoys doing tricks for treats. He isn’t aggressive towards the family and isn’t possessive about food, allowing me to put my hand down and take his bowl away without incident. Duncan is a very sociable dog and enjoys being around the family and playing with humans. He is an easygoing dog and even though he is competitive, he still gives our smaller, weaker dog a chance.

Duncan would love to be free to run around a large backyard, chase squirrels and bark at them when they escaped him. He is best suited for a country home rather than an apartment because his rambunctiousness would annoy the neighbours. He is a well natured dog and would love to play with children. Keeping the house safe and my feet warm at night, he is an excellent dog and possesses the best traits of both Dachshunds and Jack Russell Terriers. Plus, he is absolutely adorable.

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