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Posted March 15, 2016

My wife and I got Capone for her 1st mother’s day gift. We intended to go to some clothing stores as my treat to her (shopping spree), and decided to step into a Petsmart. Upon walking in, a local animal shelter was holding an adoption event, for puppies. My wife saw Capone, the last remaining pup of his liter, and gave me the googly-eyes; so, we got him.

The adoption agency representative informed us that Capone was not a pedigree, he was a mix of Dachshund and an unknown breed. We loved our little puppy, and he was loving and gentle. However, Capone did have some behavioral issues as well.

Capone shed a lot of short, bristle hairs, so he had to be constantly brushed. He was also extremely difficult to potty train; and despite our consistency, walks, and patience, he would still potty inside the house – in some cases even after just coming in from a walk. He would also sneak out of the house any opportunity he got, so we had to be careful when opening doors.

However, as I mentioned, he was a loving dog and a cuddle bug. He never showed signs of aggression, and was always happy to see a welcoming face. Capone wasn’t weary of strangers and would often approach them non-confrontationally; not exactly a trait we were always happy about, but at least we didn’t have to worry about neighbors complaining about signs of aggression.

Capone also loved our son, and was patient with him. He would often lay on the floor and crawl with our son, as if he were encouraging and/or showing him how to crawl. He wasn’t much of a barker either, but we knew that if he was too quiet, he was doing something he wasn’t suppose to be. Overall, Capone was a good dog in terms of kindness and being loving, but he did have discipline and behavioral issues.

I am not sure if his behavioral issues are correlated with the type of mixed breed he was; we stumbled upon one of his sisters on Craigslist and the owner described the same behavioral issues we faced. But, dogs in many ways are like children—they’re bound to get into trouble, but we love them nonetheless.

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