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Little Man, Big Voice


United States

Posted September 15, 2014

My pug-Dachshund came to me from the animal shelter at 2 years old, untrained, submissive peeing (cowering on his back and peeing all over everything whenever he was afraid he was in trouble or there was a loud sound), and ... not knowing one thing as far as "sit" or "stay" etc. He was a lovable, cuddly, unruly mess. But, he was the smallest dog I had ever owned. I had had beagles, german shepherds, and other mutts before, but never a dog this small. If you haven't had a small dog before, be ready for the "under foot" feeling! Even if you already have a cat (which I do) it was still more than I was prepared for. I'm sure this just added to his submissive peeing. The submissive peeing took some time to get over. It was almost 3 years before I can say he didn't do it at all. The best advice I can give for that was to just encourage them that they are in a safe place and whatever you do, don't get mad at them when they pee. I constantly made sure to have him come to me instead of the other way around. this made it easier on him as far as him being comfortable in the situation and not peeing. Another change we made was always talking in higher pitched voices when speaking directly too him than we used with the other dogs. Pugs & Dachshunds are both great, snuggly lapdogs, but pugs are known for their vocal squeals and "speaking". Be aware that these are not quiet dogs. It almost sounds like another person talking in the house and can cause some panic the first few times if you don't expect to hear those noises coming from another room. Be sure to live in a place that is ok with a dog barking at small noises and squealing when they get excited.

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