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Hugo, our bouncy lovemonkey


United States

Posted February 5, 2014

Hugo is a darling, high- energy snuggler. He's a handful, and clever as a whip- and tricky.

Here's the tricky part: he looks like a puppy, and he will forever, and that fools people. He's very smart, but looks very young, and will use that to his advantage; most folks don't think he's capable of the things he does. Mischievousness runs deep in both Dachshunds and Pugs, and he definitely has it in spades.

We got Hugo as a puppy, which was unexpected- I'm not generally a puppy person- but we've enjoyed having him as a part of our family. He has a strong personality, obviously- that's the little dog in him! As a small dog, he tries to assert himself constantly, and part of his training is always being reminded that he is part of the pack and not the leader. While he knows that he ranks below the people, he occasionally still needs reminding (trying to walk first through doors, etc), and he is always jostling for dominance among our other pets.

Hugo does get along well with our other dog, Lilu, and our cats, though. He touches noses with all of our cats, and will groom our male cat, Barrett, on occasion, as well as sleep curled up into one of our female cats, too. As he's the same size as our cats (approximately 13 lbs), he seems to think that they're his playmates and will try to play with the cats, which doesn't always go well, but they never truly fight.

Hugo is a barker, which we don't like, and training him out of that has been a continual struggle. He BARKS. It's also a higher- pitched bark, which I find unpleasant. That said, he's very intelligent and trains quickly, and both of his breeds are very food- motivated, so working on training with him is quick and easy. While the barking has been an ongoing struggle, training him in every other area has been shockingly easy. He loves training; I've don't think I've ever seen another dog who wants a "job" as much as Hugo, but then again, he's also my first small dog.

Hugo is very, very affectionate, which I love. In the evenings, all he wants is to snuggle with his people. He loves to curl up like a cat in a lap and just sleep. If a lap is filled with a book or some knitting, he sleeps in a tiny circle tucked in next to you. It's adorable and the sweetest thing.

Hugo can be a little needy; he follows us around all day long and really wants to be where the action is at all times. When our daughter comes home from college he INSISTS on sleeping in her room and will bark his head off if not allowed to do so, but all other nights he sleeps in the living room, peacefully.

We adore Hugo. I'll admit, I'm not a fan of deliberately cross- breeding new luxury mutts, but I'm so glad Hugo is in our lives. He's a darling little guy, and I'm glad he's a part of our family. Mutts really do make lovely pets.

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