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United States

Posted July 22, 2014

I have been around dachshunds my entire life – literally from birth. Between my parents, and extended family we have had 10-12 dachshunds over the years. They have the body of a Vienna Sausage and the heart of a lion. Without doubt they can be peevish and occasionally surly, but they are loyal friends and defenders of their family and they are indefatigable in the pursuit of any goal no matter how small.

We have had both the miniature and the standard breeds, long and short hair. The miniatures are a little small, but the standard dachshunds are respectable. Based on size alone you would think they would not be much good for personal protection but these dogs were bred to flush badgers out of their tunnels so a well bred dachshund has plenty of spirit. And they are like submarines – they are so long and low to the ground that they sneak up on adversaries only to land a powerful bite when it is least expected.

Dachshunds do not require a great deal of time and are happy to sleep under the covers or even under the bed – someplace where they feel secure. But they definitely want companionship when the family is around. They are highly protective of their families while being often aloof and sometimes antagonistic towards guests. So use caution when introducing them to friends. Their loyalty and affection, for us, more than offset any of these slight negatives. Grooming is very easy, especially with the short-haired of the breed. We have had them in apartments and in larger houses with yards and the dachshunds were equally happy.

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