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Posted December 16, 2014

Dachshunds are fantastic little dogs. One thing to remember though is that both the gender and the coat of the dog will determine a great deal about behavior and personality. Short-hair Dachshund generally are the most fun-loving and goofy of the three. They come almost always in black or tan. The wire-hair Dachshund are much more reserved dogs and are more akin to a terrier in a way. Lastly the long-hair Dachshund is loving and straddles the line between a 'luxury lap dog' and the goofy short-hair. Gender also plays a role is Dachshund behavior, but it seen more with age. A male Dachshund will typically be playful, exuberant, and kind of a goof-ball until he kicks the little bucket. But a female Dachshund will grow to be more 'mature' and not reserved so much as they take on a more regal air.

Most of my experience with Dachshund comes with short-hair, so those are the ones I will be talking about. I have a great deal of experience with both genders of short-hair and really you can't go wrong with them. They are extremely intelligent dogs, and can easily be trained and pick up on patterns. Of course this means they can get places you don't want, and can problem solve around many dog barriers.

These dogs are hounds. Previously the Dachshund was a much larger dog, but those badger hunting roots mean they enjoy a good dig. If you have a flower bed, it is important to train your dog early on where they can and cannot dig. Luckily those tiny feet mean they won't dig up too much of your nice daisies.

The dogs do need exercise, and a fair amount. But that is relative. With such small legs, they get a nice workout with fairly minimal effort. They cannot walk the same distance as other dogs for that reason. Poor running buddies all around. Excellent for older people. My grandmother is in her 80s and has a lovely little Dachshund named Ozzy. He is in pretty good shape despite being spoiled and cared for by a grandma. So, again exercise is relative.

One thing to watch out for is the dogs weight. They are small, so too many treats can lead to obesity. It is particularly bad for Dachshund because their long backs become stressed under that extra weight and cause a number of complications. But, if you watch their weight and keep them in good exercise these issues are uncommon.

These small dogs are not the large hounds they once were, but they are still fun companions who are a perfect mix of silly and intelligent.

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