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Bobby - The Overly-Attached Dachshund



70767060, Brazil

Posted March 18, 2015

My mother had always wanted a Dachshund. She loved their short hair, their long bodies and their puppy dog eyes. Someone had told them that they were calm and loving dogs, perfect for enclosed spaces. We finally got our first Dachshund, Bobby, in 2013.

Bobby was a nightmare.

He would chew through anything you left lying around. He would jump all over the visits, claws out, until someone took him and locked him away. He would bark and whine furiously all day and all night if let alone for even one second. We couldn't sleep for months, because he simply would not let up.

He would poop and pee all over the house. Granted, we didn't have him formally trained, but my parents had had dogs before and they could usually figure it out by themselves. Not with Bobby...

We thought it was something that would pass after he grew up a little. Maybe he was just a little anxious of being left alone, being a baby and all. But the months passed and his behavior did not improve. We considered seeking professional help, but back then we couldn't really afford it.

Finally after about a year of insomnia and scratched forearms and shins, we finally gave up. We reached out to the breeder who had sold us Bobby and he helped us find a couple with young kids who was willing to adopt him. We haven't really kept in touch, but I sincerely hope it worked out between them.

Years later my mother adopted another Dachshund, a female black one, thinking it would be different. It was even worse, but that is a review for another time.

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