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Posted April 14, 2015

Fritz was my childhood dog and the pet that I've connected most with in my life. It's almost impossible to think about him critically because, as a good dog should be, he was always there for me. My family rescued him, so he did have health problems, specifically a thyroid issue that plagued him his entire life. However he was energetic when he was still relatively young and loved to walk through the woods. As he got older, his energy lagged and he was more inclined to sleep all day.

He was a beautiful dark-red short-hair dachshund, and his coat was easy to maintain. He hated having his nails clipped, but be assured that grooming a dachshund is easy if you choose to do it yourself. Fritz loved food, especially people food, and was always trying to get in the trash or beg at the table. Be warned: dachshunds are incredibly clever and will enact devious plans to get at food wherever it may be. I remember one day I had brought him over to my aunt's house, and next thing I knew he was walking out of the trees surrounding her yard with a bunch of chocolate donuts stuffed in his mouth!

Fritz was fiercely protective of me and didn't like many other dogs or people, especially men. I do not think all dachshunds are like this, though, as his general unfriendliness was probably a result of the abuse he suffered at his previous home. In his old age he took to following me around the house whenever I got home and would often get confused if left alone.

Dachshunds are loyal, energetic, and clever dogs, but they do tend to suffer from health problems (back/leg issues especially) later in life. They're great fits for low-energy homes or dedicated owners.

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