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My Rotten Dachshund


Kentucky, United States

Posted June 15, 2016

My family adopted Roxie when I was 8 years old. She has always been terrific with new people and especially great with kids. She loves when new people come over to our house and wants their full attention.
However, as a dachshund she is extremely independent and stubborn. If you take on a dachshund you have to be ready to deal with a dog that is a little harder to train. She is completely food driven and I still have problems getting her to do basic commands without food being involved.
Roxie is very intelligent. Sometimes too intelligent. She can solve problems and do things I did not even think were possible. If she wants food on a counter she will jump from surface to surface like a cat in order to obtain it. They are very determined little dogs and do not give up easily.
She is very loyal to us. She loves to cuddle and be around humans but she does not need constant attention from you. This can be a very good trait to have.
She doesn't shed very much and with regular baths her coat looks shiny; so there is little upkeep. (this is just from experience with short haired dachshunds I cannot speak for the other two types)
As far as health goes, our dachshund just has typical old age problems. A year or two ago her stomach became sensitive and we have to keep her on special dog foods. Also within recent years we've had to start getting her glands drained regularly. I know many people have back problems with their dachshunds, but myself and the other dachshund owners I personally know have yet to experience this.
Also when it comes to matters of food, you really need to watch what you feed your dachshund, too many treats and they can easily become overweight. Roxie seems to fluctuate. There have been times when she's been chubby but we've never let her get extremely overweight.
Overall, I would recommend a dachshund to anyone and would definitely adopt another one myself. If you train them right they can be very sweet dogs. They are loving but also independent. I would say that you need to have some experience with training in order to be up for the task of taking on this very stubborn breed. But if you are up for a challenge, these spunky dogs are for you!

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