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Fritz, the stubborn little teckel


1059-1250, Costa Rica

Posted July 19, 2016

Fritz is a wirehair dachshund (or teckel or dackel in German) who came to me with 4 months of age. Training this breed is a real challenge. They are really stubborn and do what they want which I attribute on the other hand to their high level of intelligence. He knows what he wants, that is why he acts stubborn, not because he does not understand the commands.

As they are very playful at the end (I think his instict tells him his tennis ball is a rabbit to chase after...), I found him well trainable thru play. His toys he loves and would do almost anything for them, like a lab for food.

Don't have a dachshund and a rabbit or bird at the same time, they don't like small pets like that too much. I would also not recommend this breed to families with children, at least not small children or babies. I find them not too friendly with the little ones. Kind of like they are towards strangers, you will more often hear a growl towards a stranger than a friendly bark.

As they got this really long body, many of them can develop spinal and disk problems throughout their life. That is kind of a sad thing and getting them from a really good breeder can not always avoid this. Fritz is also very allergic to certain things.

I always say so, when I am too old for big dogs like German Shepherds, the breed of small dogs I would have is a dachshund. In Germany you see a lot of older people walk with them and I think that would be the perfect fit.

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