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My Elbow-Nibbling, Bubbly, and Loving Dachshund


1601, Philippines

Posted October 2, 2016

Oh where do I begin. This dog of mine has so many traits and quirks I wish I could talk about them all. I've always loved this breed but I was certainly not prepared for the high-energy and enthusiasm that my dog has. At 8 years of age he is still as sprightly and feisty as he was at a young age, he practically bounces off the walls and only calms down after a walk (or three!). When the leash comes out oh boy his eyes light up and he becomes so animated, he literally springs up in excitement like he's on a trampoline. Never a dull moment while walking my dog, I'd like to think that he's walking me actually he just bounds ahead all the time. That look of gratefulness and satisfaction he gives me after the walk while happily licking my hand as I take off the leash is just utterly priceless.

He likes to play tug of war with his stuffed toys too, vigorously shaking his head from side to side while pulling the toy from my hand in an effort for me to loosen my grip. I let him win after a few minutes because my dog needs to feel like he has triumphed over his human at some point. I love how he proudly prances around with his prize afterwards.

Although he has his own bed, I have him sleep with me on the bed as he likes to snuggle up against me. He is also my alarm clock in the mornings as he loves to put his cold wet nose on mine (mine is dry until he starts licking it!), and wiggles his long body on top of me with an ecstatic smile on his face, like I was away for a lifetime and he's so happy to have me back. You can just imagine what he's like when I come home from work!

His trademark though is nibbling human elbows! He starts off shrewdly with a few licks while testing the waters. If he sees that he can get away with doing more, then the nibbling commences! He nibbles just enough not to hurt me - like he actually knows the limitations! He could go on for a good half hour even hugging my arm as he gets comfortable with his nibbling. He only gives up when I finally tell him to stop (because at some point, the elbow WILL start to hurt). People say that dogs inherit the traits of their humans, and it's really strange because as a child I also liked fiddling with the excess skin on the elbows of my grandfather!

If you want an easy, laid-back, low maintenance dog, the Dachshund is maybe not the right choice for you. However, if you want a dog that is loving, clingy, entertaining, interesting, funny, will give you good exercise, and is overall so adorable, I'd say you should give this breed a go. My dog is the love of my life, and I look forward to many more enjoyable years with him. I wouldn't have him any other way.

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