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Posted February 25, 2014

Hello everyone, my name is Jen. I'm 20 (nearly 21) and i have a dog since i was 9. He's a dachshund, he's name is Monty.
I can't find a more accurate word to describe him except for crazy. One minute he's all lovely and cool, next minute he's barking and want to bite someone (mum, dad, bro or me.. guest etc). But this problem is not his fault, my (or my families) failure in training.
He is very caring, i still remember that moment when i was a wee kid and was watching a very sad film about dogs. I don't remember the plot, but in the end a boy's dog was taken by a creepy guy and it seemed like he would never seen his friend again, and i was crying really really hard. So my dog jumped on my bed and put his favourite bone (his favourite treat) on my chest. Before that he would try to kill us if we try to pass by - always growling and defending his treat. And it was so cute and just kind.. And people say dogs are animals. Sometimes "animals" are more human.
I love my dog, he's great, cant say i dont have problems with him, but still, hes mine and i love him. But there is one huge BUT. I would never want to get a dachshund again. You see.. They are very long, and every so often he has problems with his back.. very serious problems. Probably, if we could take him for a walk it wouldnt be that bad (all walking and running, stronger back muscles etc), but he is very easy to get sick. He was like that since he was a puppy. When he was about a year old, he got sick and all doctors that we had been visiting (and there were lots of them) were telling us he wouldnt live for much longer. But eventually mum found a great doctor that made him feel better. Since then she has been keeping an eye on him. Great woman.
Anyway, guys - dachshunds are great, lovely and loyal dogs, just if you decide to have one - make sure you have enough patience and money to deal with their health if needed. And remember about training as well. Cheers.

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