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Parky: Dumb, Cute and Lovable!

Anne Schabert


Greenville, South Carolina, United States

Posted March 6, 2014

When I was about 7 I wanted a parakeet in the worst way! I was always very decisive so there were no doubts about the color (blue) or shade (turquoise). I could visualize that bird.

For Easter, my grandparents decided to get me a parakeet. They gave my mother the money with the instructions to take me to the pet store so I could pick out my new pet.

The great day finally arrived! As I entered the store, I headed straight for the parakeet cage. Mom stood beside me as I located “my” parakeet. Then there was a tug on my jeans.

At my feet there was a box, and in the box was a little black dog chasing its tail. The tail even had a perfect “Dairy Queen” curl on the top of it. It was love at first sight, and my parakeet was quickly forgotten.

There was only one problem. This cute little guy was a guy, and we had a gal dog at home. It was clear that one or the other would have to be fixed. That problem solved, we bought the little black dachshund and headed happily home.

Rusty, my female dog, was absolutely thrilled! Her mother instincts came out in full force. As for the “new guy on the block,” he settled down like, “Hey, Mom, I’m home!”

Now, what to name him? As I said, I was always very decisive, so it was clear – he would be named Parky Keeter (since I had gone to the pet store for a parakeet). I know, I know, how corny can you get. But remember, I was only 7.

Parky lived happily with us for only a few years. No, he didn’t die, but when I was 11 our family took to the road – due to my father’s work. We obviously couldn’t take our whole menagerie of pets with us – it had grown to 2 dogs, 1 cat and 4 kittens by then – so it was decided to find a good home for Parky.

A relative knew a farming family that loved dogs, and when we introduced Parky to them, it was mutual love at first sight. So Parky “flew the coop” (pardon my pun) and took to being a “farmer” like a duck takes to water.

Parky was never one of the brightest dogs (to put it mildly), but he was extremely good-natured and lovable. He had one distinguishing trait that set him apart from all others. He loved to sleep on his back, spread-eagle. Whenever he took a snooze, he would blissfully plop down, roll over on his back, stick all four paws up in the air, and snore his head off. We always enjoyed the comedy of it, and his new farming family would always laughingly mention it when we got updates on him.

Dumb, yes. But the cute and lovable far outweighed the lack of intelligence. And that is the “lowdown” on my experience with dachshunds.

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