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Special Needs, Deaf Dalmatian

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North Carolina, United States

Posted May 31, 2014

This dog was very sweet, but came with a lot of problems (not his fault -- Dalmatians have been extremely overbred). He was deaf, mentally challenged, had skin allergies, and was a submissive "pee-er". He required a lot of attention, extra care, and needed a lot of exercise. Because of his deafness, his previous owner was able to teach him many hand signals for obedience and control. Unfortunately, he was very skiddish, nervous, and anxious. He would urinate frequently -- and often we were unaware of what was making him feel scared. He had an unbelievable amount of energy -- never tired. To solve this problem, we would take him for many walks each day. If it wasn't enough to soothe his energy, we would put him on the treadmill (like you see on The Dog Whisperer). It helped to have him wear a vest with pockets during his exercise periods, as I believe it made him feel he had a job to do. He did bark excessively and I think this had a lot to do with his hearing disability (born 100% deaf). It was a huge challenge every day to work with this dog and overwhelmingly so, at times. Unlike many Dalmatians, however, he did not exhibit any aggression toward any humans (adults or children) or other dogs. He was mostly just a big, happy, dopey dog. He had a lot of trouble walking on a leash, but we were able to overcome that with the use of the Gentle Leader "nose haltie". Worked great for him! A dog of this nature most certainly needs to be with someone who has a LOT of time to dedicate to him/her. It seemed he was constantly getting into or creating some kind of mess around the house, if not supervised. He did EXCELLENT with crate training and was very good with the commands that he did know. Anyone wishing to take on a dog like this should be aware of the enormous commitment it requires. He had a lot of issues. I don't have him anymore, as he went along with my ex-husband when we divorced, and I am unsure of his current status. He wasn't a bad dog. He was extremely sweet and friendly, but just had a lot of issues.

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