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46240, Sweden

Posted May 22, 2015

The Dalmatian is a very special kind of dog. Not just saying this , its a fact.
They have a different bacterial strain in tummy cause to the use of the dog in past.
They evolved this due to their diet because they had to find their own food when the Romanian people used them a long time back.
This cause them to sometime let out gas that smells really bad so be careful with what you feed your pet.

Dalmations got some bad reputation they dont deserve due to the fact that most of them actually smile when showing happiness. They show teeth and gum that many react on as if dog is angry because they forget to look at the rest of the dogs body language.

When I come back from work every day my Alice was always waiting for me and when she saw me her whole body was dancing and she had a big smile on her face.

I also have children in different ages and I can tell you that this is a perfect family dog if treat it right of course. All dogs want to be a part of a pack so in 99% of all cases when a dog have bitten anyone there is a perfect explenation to it.
It can be that they got scared while sleeping in their "safe zone" wich all dogs should have. It can also be that they defended themself for some reason. but in some cases there is a "bad" owner teaching their dogs wrong.
Dogs are like children when we get them and we must teach them just like when teach our own offspring.

Finally if you got this far I just want to say that if thinking of getting a Dalmatian you should consider that this dog needs groming pretty much every day because of their special soft fur.
I took my dog outside evvery day and when done grooming her it looked like another dog was sleeping next to Alice :)

I recommed this type of breed to people that actually have time to put the needs it have. And of course for the walks that it needs, because this is a dog that was used to run next to horses and caravans in the past. So you need to be a quick pace walker for this type of breed.

Good luck out there.

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